Free Lessons at Skate Galaxy in Oklahoma City

Free Lessons at Skate Galaxy in Oklahoma City

Skating is an amazing way to get exercise and have a blast while doing so. If you want to get out there and have some real fun, why not take some free skating lessons at Skate Galaxy in Oklahoma City? Skate Galaxy is a classic skating rink. Whether you use roller-skates or rollerblades this is the place for you. This family-friendly rink is perfect for … [Read more...]

Improve Your Speed with These Treadmill Workouts

Improve Your Speed with These Treadmill Workouts

Perhaps you regularly run on the treadmill for your fitness center workout, or you're just a beginner on the treadmill. Regardless, the following workouts can help you increase your speed and be a better runner. The Around-the-World Treadmill Workout has you maintain the same speed while working out, but the incline will increase. This will … [Read more...]

Feel Like a Midnight Streak? Join a 5K Race in Oklahoma City

Feel Like a Midnight Streak Join a 5K Race in Oklahoma City

If you think that athletes do not support the arts, you must not have ever attended the annual Midnight Streak. Supporting the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, this event is a USATF-certified 5K race in Oklahoma City. On August 23rd at 8 pm, over 1500 runners will gather at Northwest 11th at Broadway Drive to enjoy a nighttime run. A new course for … [Read more...]

3 Restaurants and Bars in OKC Along Historic Route 66

3 Restaurants and Bars in OKC Along Historic Route 66

One of the benefits of your apartment in OKC near Route 66 is the number of restaurants and bars within easy driving distance. There are many more than three, but we've selected a few of our favorites to get you started. Route 66 Donut at 8368 Northwest Expressway is a must for breakfast one morning. Here, you can enjoy fresh donuts baked every morning, … [Read more...]

Kayak Lake Overholser at Route 66 Boathouse

Kayak Lake Overholser at Route 66 Boathouse

We're sure that everyone knows about the regatta and the many boathouses that have gone up along the Oklahoma River in Downtown Oklahoma City, but did you know there's a spot to kayak right here near your apartment in OKC near Route 66? That's right; just east of Lake Overholser at 3115 East Overholser Drive, you can visit the Route 66 Boathouse for a … [Read more...]

Putnam City Schools: New School Uniforms at Arbor Grove

Putnam City Schools New School Uniforms at Arbor Grove

The school year is about to start, and we see more signs of it every day. If your kids are a bit antsy and ready to get out of your two-bedroom apartment by Putnam City Schools, here are a few things they need to know before they can hit the books: First, school starts on August 19th, 2014. That's when the bells will ring to signal the start of … [Read more...]

Sign Up for the OKC August Super Tennis Tournament

Sign Up for the OKC August Super Tennis Tournament

Do you love tennis? You are in good company! For hundreds of years, players have been hitting the courts for the exercise, the camaraderie, and most of all, for the fun. Avid fans are delighted to learn about our apartments in Oklahoma City with lighted tennis courts. Although it might get a little too warm out to play an aggressive game of tennis during a … [Read more...]

Cirque du Soleil Puts on a “Thriller” at Chesapeake Arena

Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour by Cirque du Soleil

For two days only, Cirque du Soleil will turn the Chesapeake Energy Arena into the biggest, baddest acrobatic rock concert that Oklahoma City's ever seen. Get your tickets to Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour during July 22-23. Classic moves by the King of Pop will decorate the performance, coupled with spinning acrobats and electrifying costumes, … [Read more...]

OKC’s Newest Businesses Hosting Summer Block Parties

STASH Midtown

If you're a resident of our Oklahoma City apartments looking for a summer event in Oklahoma City, then you're in luck. Some of the city's newest businesses host a monthly block party in Midtown on the final Friday of each month. Be sure to visit next on June 27 and July 25 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. to enjoy special prices and prizes at the Midtown … [Read more...]

Drive West on Route 66 to July 4 Fireworks Near Oklahoma City

Freedom Fest

This Fourth of July get your kicks on Route 66, as the late, great Nat King Cole once sang. Route 66, which curves and curls in Oklahoma City along such landmarks as the historic Milk Bottle Building and the Will Roger's Theater, also encompasses NW 39th Expressway, which leads straight to two of the best fireworks shows near our apartments in … [Read more...]

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Get Garden Grown Food at Farmers Markets in the Tulsa Area

Get Garden Grown Food at Farmers Markets in the Tulsa Area

Farmers markets in Tulsa offer the best selection of fresh produce and local food items. Make note of the following farmers markets for high-quality food. The Cherry Street Farmers' Market is open through October. This market is open each Saturday from 7 am until 11 am. It takes place on 15th Street in the area known as The Cherry Blossom … [Read more...]

Icon at Lubbock: Introducing a New Modern Community

Icon at Lubbock Introducing a New Modern Community

We would like to introduce you to Icon at Lubbock. Like the creations of the masters, the apartments at Icon at Lubbock are truly works of art. Before you enter the apartment community, you will notice the contemporary outdoor entertainment area, complete with multiple gas grills and fireplace. The area is no less chic than an outdoor room at one of … [Read more...]

Renters Tips: 5 Ways to Stay Cool as a Cucumber This Summer


Sometimes it just seems like summer is going to last forever. When the electric bill is soaring and you still feel hot and sticky, it is time to look at all of your options for staying cool. Here are a few tips for apartment renters you may not have considered that will make a world of difference to your comfort level: Stay hydrated. Water is … [Read more...]

Apartment Living in Amarillo: 3 Ways to Help Local Kids

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Perhaps you would like to get more involved in your community or you have extra time on your hands, but you're not quite sure what to do with it. Regardless, there are local kids in your community that you can help. Make a commitment to get out of our luxury apartments in Amarillo and better the life of a child. The Ronald McDonald House … [Read more...]

Make a Summer Donation to the Tulsa Day Center

The Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless

Helping someone else is a good feeling, particularly when someone else is in desperate need. There are a lot of things to do in Tulsa to help someone, but consider donating to the Tulsa Day Center. The Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless is located at 415 West Archer Street and is the only day shelter for the homeless in Tulsa. They are open daily, … [Read more...]