5 Ways to Save Time Cooking in Your Woodscape Gourmet Kitchen

8 Cooking Tips to Reduce Time Spent in the Kitchen

For those of you with an inner chef just waiting to be unleashed, our apartments in OKC with gourmet kitchens give you the perfect place to whip up some delicious meals for yourself and your family. Some people tend to avoid preparing lavish meals because of the time involved with preparations and clean-up, but here are some ways you can save time … [Read more...]

Have a Scary Good Time at the Underground Monster Carnival in OKC

Have a Scary Good Time at the Underground Monster Carnival in OKC

Are you searching for fun, family-friendly events in Oklahoma City? If so, the Underground Monster Carnival is perfect for people of all ages, and it is sure to provide a day of excitement and great memories. This carnival-themed event will have a costume contest with prizes and vendors selling a variety of items, including comics, toys, and … [Read more...]

How to Pick the Best Workout Clothes in Oklahoma City

Choosing the Right Workout Clothes

The right workout clothes help you achieve your fitness goals by keeping you comfortable throughout your routine. As you start to shop for the right clothes here are three factors to consider. Material: Breathable fabrics, like cotton and synthetics, keep you cool by either absorbing sweat or wicking it away from your body. Cotton blends are best for … [Read more...]

Clean Out Your Oklahoma City Fridge for Spring

Clean Out Your Oklahoma City Fridge for Spring

You can create delicious meals at our apartments in OKC with gourmet kitchens. You have plenty of space to move around as you put together a dinner for yourself or your family, and your kitchen is full of great amenities that make preparation and cleanup a breeze. Speaking of cleaning up, if you're looking forward to spring as much as everyone else … [Read more...]

Dine at One for These Best Japanese Restaurants in Oklahoma City

Nhinja Sushi & Wok

When it comes to sushi, people tend to love it or leave it. Many of the finer Japanese restaurants also offer tempura and teriyaki dishes for those who do not care for it. For sushi lovers, every visit to a new sushi bar is an exciting adventure. Here are a few of the finest Japanese restaurants in Oklahoma City: Tokyo Japanese Restaurant at 7516 … [Read more...]

Start a New Cycling Workout in the Woodscape Fitness Center

Exercise Bike Workout Plan

You can kick start your weight loss plan for 2015 with a cycling workout at our apartments in Oklahoma City with fitness center access. Not only does cycling burn calories, it's a relaxing and relatively low impact way to workout. For moderate intensity you will want to: Pedal slowly to warm up. Strive for a moderate pace at about 70% of your … [Read more...]

Keep Your Woodscape Sunroom Warm During the Winter

Keep Your Woodscape Sunroom Warm During the Winter

Sunrooms are generally a part of your home that you enjoy during the summer, but you can keep that space warm throughout the year and enjoy our apartments in Oklahoma City with sunrooms no matter what season it is. Leave the window coverings open during the day so the natural sunlight can heat the room, and make sure you use blinds or drapes that are … [Read more...]

Check Out the Upcoming Performances at Lyric Theatre

Check Out the Upcoming Performances at Lyric Theatre

When you want to get out of your Oklahoma City apartment and enjoy some fun entertainment, make sure you check out the calendar of events at Lyric Theatre. Pageant, a musical comedy, is a dazzling look at a beauty contest that takes you into the world of glitz and glitter as you wait with anticipation to find out who will win the title of Miss … [Read more...]

Clean Out Your OKC Walk-in Closet for a New Year Wardrobe

7 Questions to Ask When Cleaning Out Your Closet

Walk-in closets at your apartments in Oklahoma City can easily become full of clothes that you never wear. Here are some tips that will help you clean out your closet and get your home ready for the New Year: Start by working through each piece of wardrobe and asking yourself whether you have worn it in the past year. If not, chances are you … [Read more...]

Warm Up With Some Hot Chocolate at These Oklahoma City Cafes

Warm Up With Some Hot Chocolate at These Oklahoma City Cafes

Oklahoma City has some beautiful scenery that you can explore from your Woodscape apartment. However, after a walk on a chilly day, nothing is better than relaxing, warming up and taking some time out at any of the wonderful cafes in Oklahoma City. Variety is the key point at Kamps 1910. Here you can order eight different flavored lattes, including Banana … [Read more...]

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Our Mission Point Property is in a Prime Location Near Moore Attractions

Sunny Side Up

Our apartments for rent in Moore are situated so that you can participate in all the fun the area has to offer. From shopping and dining, to golfing and fishing, there's plenty to see and do every day of the year. We've compiled some of the best things to do in Moore. One of the area's top attractions is the Showplace Market. Located at 2001 S. … [Read more...]

Give Your Community a Brand Residents Can Trust

Giving Your Community’s Brand a Human Touch

When it comes to managing apartment communities, the more personal you make everything from the decor to the communication, the more likely your residents will be to trust you and want to remain within your community over the long-term. First, don't mail letters to your residents or drop them in their mailboxes. Take the time to deliver them by hand. It's … [Read more...]

Help Support Tulsa’s Plan for a Community Gathering Space

Help Support Tulsa's Plan for a Community Gathering Space

At Case and Associates, we offer over 20 different apartment communities in the greater Tulsa area. All are unique while providing residents with luxury amenities at an ideal location. Our communities are near major highways, shopping centers, and Richard Jones Airport and natural attractions like the Arkansas River and LaFortune Park, and soon that … [Read more...]

Find a Career in the Oil Industry in This Big Energy State

Find a Career in the Oil Industry in This Big Energy State

History will have the final say about the nation’s recent economic downfall, but those living in Oklahoma hit bottom in 2010. The state lost 1.16 million jobs that year, but it has rebounded nicely, thanks to the natural gas and oil industry in Tulsa and the rest of the state. Roughly 25% of all Oklahoma jobs are tied to energy, and since 2010, … [Read more...]

Tulsa is Named One of the Top Places to Visit in the World

Tulsa is Named One of the Top Places to Visit in the World

An established standard for over a century when it comes to news, the New York Times has developed a reputation as a reliable source for travel suggestions. The Travel section has been doing this for years and recently published a list of 52 places to see in 2015. The list contains obvious places like Yellowstone National Park and Manhattan, faraway … [Read more...]